Did you know…

Did you know…

...food waste can be reduced through the use of advanced packaging?

Did you know…

Did you know…

…without sacrificing performance, the consumption of raw materials can be reduced when producing advanced packaging?

Did you know…

Did you know…

...standard equipment and processes can be used to recycle multi-material flexible packaging?

Did you know…

Did you know…

…the overall amount of plastic waste destined for landfills and incinerators can be reduced by purchasing food that comes in advanced packaging?

Did you know…

Did you know…

…with your support, the recyclability and sustainability of advanced packaging can be recognized on a European level?



A flexible material with many advantages

The benefits of using polyamide (PA) as a component in advanced flexible packaging are numerous, spanning from sustainability advantages to technical qualities that are of utmost importance to food brands, retailers, packaging manufacturers and consumers. Whether the layers are laminated or co-extruded, packaging that contains polyamide can extend the shelf life of food, and protect it from impact and punctures.

Advanced film structures that contain polyamide are ideal for the creation of flexible, temperature resistant packaging with excellent optical properties, while offering advantages in terms of processability, such as the creation of a fast, efficient seal that immediately protects the items inside. All while helping to reduce food waste and packaging waste.

Plus, it’s recyclable, contributing to a more circular, sustainable economy.

less food waste

• less breakage
• airtight barrier
• longer shelf life

less packaging waste

• less use of raw materials
• less plastic in landfills
• lower impact


• recyclable in the PE stream
• use of existing recycling equipment
• optimized by tie layers and compatibilizers


A unique combination
of technical qualities

advanced mechanical properties
gas barrier
transparent product display
thermoforming depth
chemical / heat resistance

Value chain

Together we're stronger

APA seeks to unite stakeholders along the entire flexible packaging value chain to raise awareness about the utility of multi-layer films containing polyamide, to provide resources and participate in knowledge sharing, and to ensure that the industry as well as legislators fully recognize the sustainability benefits of multi-material packaging. Food brands and retailers, film manufacturers and waste management entities, unified in one association.

Are you part of the flexible packaging industry?
See the categories below to learn more and become an APA partner.

Food brands
and retailers

Polyamide has many advantages for the food industry, from a longer shelf life to transparent packaging that is more appealing to consumers.

Film and packaging manufacturers

Films and extruded packaging made with a polyamide component can be up to 53% thinner while remaining efficient and high-performance. Optimized functionality and processability while reducing the consumption of raw materials.

Waste collectors and recyclers

Flexible packaging containing polyamide is often seen as complex to recycle. However, multilayer films with up to 30% polyamide have been shown to be compatible with various PE flexible packaging recyclability protocols.

Technical experts and engineers

By collaborating on research into the applied uses and benefits of polyamide, we can turn multi-material packaging into a path to a more sustainable future.

Raw material

The technical properties of polyamide make it a key component for films with a wide variety of applications, while continuing to comply with environmental regulations.

Packaging material associations

Regulations regarding the recyclability classifications of the materials used for food packaging are important to us all. APA seeks to form partnerships with other associations in the industry, creating a robust network of stakeholders.
Become a partner

Become a partner

About us

Meet our founding

The Advanced Packaging Association (APA) was founded in 2023 by key players in the polymer industry who believe that polyamide is a sustainable, high-performance material for packaging applications. By raising awareness and working together, we can ensure that polyamide continues to play an important role in the transition to sustainable solutions for the packaging industry, applying research and technology to the real world.

Harrold Goertz

Director Global Marketing & Sales, Film & Extrusion - Intermediates – Envalior
I’m proud to be part of this association, whose goal is to further promote the importance of advanced packaging. The whole industry and its stakeholders should be aware of the benefits of polyamide-containing packaging as it helps to prevent food waste.

Dr Paul Neumann

NBD & Sustainability Polyamides, Europe - BASF
In my role, I drive the development of circular polyamides for packaging, which will eventually enable a closed packaging loop. I’m a polyamide supporter, because I’m convinced that it offers substantial benefits in terms of sustainable packaging, as it reduces raw material consumption and food waste, while being recyclable.

Nicola Bucchioni

Head of Sales for UBE Nylon products, EMEA & the Americas - UBE
As a part of APA, I’m proud to make a contribution to a more circular and sustainable food packaging world.

Kris Denorme

Sales Director Polyamide Polymers and Intermediates - DOMO
With over 30 years of commercial management in the plastics industry, I’m thrilled to further contribute to the sustainable path forward.

Flavia Andreani

Commercial Director - Grupa Azoty ATT Polymers GmbH
Join us! We need the support of all who share our passion for PA6 as a key material to achieve protection and sustainability in the next generation of flexible packaging.

Are you a player in the flexible packaging industry, a food producer or a retailer? Discover how flexible advanced packaging which contains polyamide can help create a better, more profitable, and increasingly circular packaging industry. Join APA and make your voice heard.

Make a difference

Make a difference

Join the conversation

Among all the factors that concern humanity as a whole on our path towards sustainable growth and a more circular economy, the extreme importance of packaging poses an enormous challenge not only for those who are part of the flexible packaging supply chain, but all of society, from the decisions of policy makers to our daily habits as consumers.

Make your contribution to positive change: become part of our conversation and take action within your area of expertise, helping to raise awareness about the topic.

Join us in creating a more sustainable world.


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